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Welcome to tHis Handwovens, where we love everything handmade.

tHIs started its journey as ”Blue Jam Living”, which was part of a small design studio. What was at first just a playful hobby, quickly changed into a creative, healing and passionate way of life.

tHis is a story of love, compassion, encouragement and faith, and yes, of course failure and disappointment. And it is at the point of failure and disappointment that God steps up if we surrender to him. Through surrendering completely to Him, tHis was the beginning of great and beautiful things.

Hence, tHis is the acronym for ‘to Him I surrender’ and I guess that says it all.

I am a passionate hand weaver and I create the items that you will see here. At first I focused on crochet, however the path lead me to a defining moment in 2015 when I attended a weaving workshop… and this is where I found my new love for looms, heddles and intricate patterns. I bought my very own Rigid Heddle Loom and in 2016 I became the proud owner of my 8-Shaft Table Loom.

My goal is to create unique, handwoven articles of outstanding quality, so I only use natural yarns that are purely made in South Africa.

I believe that you will love what you find here, and enjoy the journey with me.